Eco-Labels Gaining Traction in Food Industry

The launch of the new Vegan and Plant-Based certification schemes highlights the growing importance of eco-labels in the food industry. The last few months has seen new certification schemes introduced for sustainable sourcing, upcycled ingredients, and green products. Ecovia Intelligence questions the long term implications of the eco-labelling trend. FoodChain ID has just introduced its […]

Cosmetics Industry Moving Towards Upcycled Ingredients

Food byproducts are being increasingly upcycled as raw materials by the cosmetics industry. The trend is gaining impetus as the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up supply chains for cosmetic ingredients. Ecovia Intelligence expects adoption rates to rise as the cosmetics industry moves towards regional supply chains for its raw materials, as well as develop products […]

Natural Cosmetic Ingredients Gaining Popularity

The coronavirus pandemic is raising demand for natural ingredients from the personal care industry. A growing number of cosmetic & personal care products are using such ingredients, whilst consumers are buying natural & organic products to improve their personal immunity. Ecovia Intelligence expects demand to remain buoyant after the current crisis. Antiviral Ingredients Natural ingredients with […]

Organic Foods Getting Coronavirus Boost

The coronavirus pandemic is leading to a surge in demand for organic and sustainable foods. Retailers across the globe are experiencing hefty sales increases for organic products. Online retailers are reporting the highest sales growth. Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest natural food retailer, has started limiting the number of its online grocery customers because […]

African Superfoods: Need for Sustainable Sourcing

Africa is becoming a rich source of superfood ingredients. Many ingredients of high nutritional quality are emerging from the continent. Aduna Foods has just launched fonio in organic food retailers in the UK. Fonio is an ancient supergrain, grown in West Africa for 5,000 years. The gluten-free grain is part of the millet family; it is […]