Organic Food Industry Undergoing Consolidation

The global organic food industry is undergoing consolidation. In the last week, three major deals have involved established organic food companies in Europe and North America. Ecovia Intelligence expects more such deals as rationalisation continues. Royal Wessanen, one of the largest and oldest organic food enterprises in Europe, has just been acquired by an investment […]

Organic Church Widening, Yet Challenges Remain

Growth in the global organic products market has continued in 2018, with North America consolidating its pole position. Ecovia Intelligence projects regional organic food & sales to surpass USD 50 billion for the first time this year. Consumer demand for organic foods is strengthening. According to the OTA, 83 percent of American families now buy […]

Multinationals Jumping on Natural Cosmetics Bandwagon

L’Oreal’s recent launch of Seed Phytonutrients is the latest foray of multinationals in the natural & organic cosmetics market. Unilever has also launched the Love, Beauty and Planet brand in the last 12 months. Both brands are looking to capitalise on consumer demand for ‘clean beauty’ products. More natural product launches are expected from multinationals, […]

Plant-Based Foods Gaining Global Currency

Demand for vegan and plant-based foods is becoming global, with product innovations and distribution driving market growth. Although most innovations are occurring in Europe and the US, Ecovia Intelligence anticipates most future growth in the Asian and Latin American markets. At the recent Sustainable Foods Summit in Singapore, it was shown that Asian demand for […]

Global Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market: Asian Investment & Ethical Labels

The recent acquisition of Trilogy reflects the growing importance of Asia in the global market for natural & organic cosmetics. CITIC Capital China Partners, a Hong Kong-based private equity firm, has paid US $211 million for the New Zealand-based company. Trilogy is the leading natural skincare brand in its home country, and has a significant […]