New Distribution Growth Phase for Sustainable Products

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market heralds the beginning of a new growth phase for the organic & sustainable products market. Ecovia Intelligence sees distribution moving towards online retailing and home delivery schemes. Sustainable foods and natural cosmetics were initially introduced in health & natural food retailers, with distribution expanding to the mass market in […]

Asia Making Strides in Global Organic Food Market

Asia is showing some of the highest growth in the global organic food market. Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor) shows that some Asian country markets are reporting double-digit growth rates, with regional sales poised to reach US $10 billion in the coming years. As will be shown at the Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods […]

Sustainable Food Market Facing Fraud Risks

The growing market for sustainable & premium foods is bringing risks of food fraud. Ecovia Intelligence believes the way forward is greater transparency in supply chains, with new technologies and global alliances playing an important role. The recent beef scandal in Brazil highlighted the economic impacts of food fraud. The trade ban is estimated to […]

Sustainable Sourcing: Recent Developments and Outlook

One of the most difficult issues associated with sustainable sourcing is whether companies should adopt third party standards or develop in-house schemes. Recent developments suggest the pendulum is swinging towards in-house sustainable sourcing schemes. Green & Black’s, the iconic ethical chocolate brand, has launched a new Velvet Edition bar this month in the UK. It […]

The True Value of Sustainable Foods

A growing body of evidence shows the disparity between the price we pay for foods and the costs of production & consumption. Market prices do not reflect the environmental, social and health impacts of food products. Sustainable foods have lower such impacts than conventional ones. A recent true accounting study by EY (formerly Ernst & Young) […]