For almost 20 years, we have assisted many operators in the health, wellness and sustainability areas. We can provide market research and analysis to help operators identify business openings, with market planning and to make informed decisions.

Constructivism has multiple roots in the psychology and philosophy of this century" (AustralianWritings, 2018) ; Constructivism is a theory about how learning occurs. Constructivists view learning as a process not just of acquiring information, but of creating new understanding. Constructivists hold a unique set of philosophical beliefs that must be understood before one can grasp the concept .

Piaget's view of cognitive development is based on allowing
children to build concepts actively rather than providing those
concepts through direct teaching. This is the belief that each
individual constructs knowledge and meaning for himself or herself .

We can provide market data, growth forecasts, end-user trends & analysis, customer / buyer profiles, competitive benchmarking, regulatory & standards guidance, labelling & marketing claims advice, etc.

Some of the sectors we can cover include:

> Functional foods > Catering & foodservice
> Nutritional supplements > Natural remedies
> Natural pesticides & fertilisers > Homeopathic products
> Natural & organic pet care products > Functional ingredients
> Ethical finance > Sustainable materials
> Eco-tourism > Eco-labelled products
> Sustainable production methods > Sustainable packaging
> Green technologies > Sustainable cities


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