Sustainable Products

Sustainable products continue to gain popularity across the globe. We provide unrivalled research & analysis on this emerging area. Our services help operators to identify new business openings, market planning, and to make informed decisions.

On sustainable products, we can provide market data, growth projections, end-user trends & analysis, customer / distributor profiles, competitive benchmarking, regulatory & standards guidance, labelling & marketing claims advice, etc.

Sustainable product categories include:

> Ethical fashion & clothing > Fairtrade foods & beverages
> Ethical textiles > Fairtrade cosmetics & textiles
> Natural home care products > Ethical furniture
> Green cleaning & hygiene products > Green building materials
> Green farming & lawn products > Natural & organic animal feeds
> Sustainable fibres > Natural & organic pet food
> Sustainable packaging > Ethical flowers
> Eco-labelled products > Other products


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