The Demise of The Body Shop

The Body Shop, the iconic ethical cosmetics retailer, is in the headlines. Once a trailblazer in the sustainable cosmetics industry, the business has gone into administration with over 40 percent of its UK stores to close. The demise of the Body Shop gives some insight into how fast the sustainability arena is changing. A few […]

Sustainable Cosmetic Predictions 2024

Ecovia Intelligence gives its predictions for the year ahead for sustainable cosmetics…  > Sustainable Products. The range of cosmetic products with sustainability attributes will continue to expand. Natural and organic cosmetics are the most established, with their market share approaching 10% in the US, Germany, and Switzerland.  New products will be launched with green attributes. […]

Sustainability Schemes Proliferating in North American Food Industry

Adoption rates of sustainability schemes and eco-labels are expected to increase in North America this year. Ecovia Intelligence finds that Organic and Non-GMO Project are leading in terms of sales, however there is growing proliferation in terms of number of schemes and labels. Sustainability schemes and eco-labels are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry. […]

Cosmetics Industry: Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability Schemes Seeing Uptick

In the cosmetics industry, biodiversity is becoming more important. Its growing prominence is leading to greater investment in ethical sourcing programmes and a spike in interest in sustainability schemes. Biodiversity is mainly linked to the sourcing of raw materials. Cosmetic and ingredient firms are under growing pressure to ensure that agricultural-based and / or wild […]

Future of Environmental Labelling in Food Industry

There is growing debate about the future of environmental labelling in the food industry. The first debate concerns number of eco-labelling schemes; the EU plans to introduce legislation to curb the number of labels in the market place. The second debate concerns the disparity between environmental impact ratings of existing schemes. Ecovia Intelligence believes the […]