European Supermarkets Going Bananas Over Fairtrade

European supermarkets are investing heavily in fairtrade products, with most commitment going to bananas and beverages. A number of leading supermarkets are committing to selling only fairtrade bananas in their stores. Co-op Switzerland was the first to convert all its bananas to fairtrade in 2004. The UK now has the largest market for fairtrade bananas because of […]

Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards: Harmonisation, Yet Proliferation

Organic Monitor predicts 2008 to be a defining year for the natural cosmetics industry. An industry shake-up is envisaged as widespread adoption of natural & organic standards begins. This will eventually lead to clear lines being drawn between legitimate natural / organic products and pseudo products. The most important development this year will be the […]

South-East Asia: Soya Drinks Receive Functional Make-Over

Consumer demand for soya milk is undergoing a renaissance in South-East Asia. New product launches and marketing campaigns are reinvigorating product sales. Soya bean drinks have been popular soft drinks for decades in countries like Singapore and Thailand, however increased product segmentation is leading to new soya drinks being launched as dairy alternatives and functional beverages. […]

Global Natural Cosmetic Sales Approaching US $7 Billion

Global sales of natural & organic cosmetics are soaring with revenues projected to approach US $7 billion this year. New research by Organic Monitor finds that North America and Europe are the two engines of growth, comprising the bulk of the US $1 billion sales increase. The major drivers of market growth are the mainstreaming […]

US: Natural Products Taking Cosmetics Industry to New Frontiers

Natural & organic products are taking the American cosmetics industry to new frontiers with the launch of several new products this month. Innovative products are being launched by cosmetic manufacturers and retailers to meet burgeoning consumer demand for ethical & natural cosmetics. The first-ever cosmetic products with the certified fair trade logo are currently being rolled out […]