US: Natural Products Taking Cosmetics Industry to New Frontiers

Natural & organic products are taking the American cosmetics industry to new frontiers with the launch of several new products this month. Innovative products are being launched by cosmetic manufacturers and retailers to meet burgeoning consumer demand for ethical & natural cosmetics. The first-ever cosmetic products with the certified fair trade logo are currently being rolled out […]

Global Organic Milk Undersupply Easing

A large rise in organic milk production in North America is easing the global supply shortage. A flood of organic milk is coming into the US as a large number of dairy farmers complete their conversion period. Changes in organic farming regulations have been responsible; the Harvey ruling requires organic milk producers to use 100% […]

Greece: Korres Raises Capital for International Expansion

Korres Natural Products has successfully floated 1.6 million of its shares on the Athens Stock Exchange, raising EUR 11.5 million. On the first day of trading last week, the share price almost doubled from EURO 7.20 to EUR 14.02. The flotation has been described as the most successful stock market company debut for years. The Athens-based company […]

Global Organic Food Industry Facing Supply Challenges

Global sales of organic food & drink are soaring, however supply-related problems are expected to increase as production becomes international. Exceptionally high market growth rates are causing demand to outpace supply. The North American region is the most adversely affected with food manufacturers and retailers grappling to find adequate supply of organic products. American companies […]

Global Organic Meat Supply Tightens

Surging demand for organic meats is causing global supply to tighten. A number of regions are reporting undersupply due to organic meat production not keep pace with demand. The most affected region is North America where supply has been unable to meet demand since the USDA implemented the National Organic Program (NOP) in 2002. Organic […]