Australia: Rye Innovation Replacing Plastic Straws

Australian farmers have come up with an innovative solution to plastic straws: rye straws.

Travelling across Australia, French entrepreneurs Marion and Alexis were shocked to see how much plastic waste there was at the country’s most iconic destinations.

Inspired by the ant-plastic movement, Marion and Alexis discovered that plant-based products were becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Although a growing number of cafes and restaurants were moving to plastic straws, all were imported into Australia.

The pair started looking for alternatives and what local resources were available to them so they could create a 100% Australian straw. Their research led them to rye straws and the birth of their brand, Mister RYE.

Rye is typically used by farmers for its grain. After the stalk is harvested, a few centimetres of stubble is left in the ground and becomes feed for livestock.

“Rye is a by-product of our local agriculture industry so we are using something that’s already here to fix a current issue: plastic pollution,” Marion said.

Marion and Alexis work with farmers in the Mallee and Riverland region of South Australia, located 300km North of Adelaide and say the company is proud to work with local farming families to add value to their existing farming practices and crops.

Ecovia Intelligence Comment
Marion and Alexis are congratulated on the launch of Mister RYE. They have created a compostable alternative to plastic straws using rye byproducts. Furthermore, they have created the product using Australian resources, supporting regional economies.

Source: Mirage News, Ecovia Intelligence (03/04)