Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Future Directions

22 May 2019

Masterclass Overview

The global market for natural & organic cosmetics continues to strengthen. Healthy growth rates are continuing, however there are questions about future developments.

This new masterclass looks at the future direction of natural & organic products in the cosmetics industry. What do consumers look for in natural & organic products?  Where is future growth likely to come from? What is the role of standards and certification schemes? How is the palette of natural & organic raw materials evolving? 

What developments are occurring at the retail and consumer level? Such questions will be addressed in this masterclass.

Morning Seminars
To begin, details will be given of new natural / organic ingredients and preservatives that are being used in personal care formulations. A global organic brand shares its experiences with standards & ethical labelling schemes. Apart from natural & organic, what labels are becoming important? Another case study is of a brand building international distribution. Some insights are given into how green brands can target the increasingly influential millennial’s segment, whilst a retailer shares its experiences in marketing such products. To conclude, an update is given on the global market for natural & organic personal care products. Predictions are given on future growth rates, market & product developments, as well as customer behaviour.

Afternoon Workshop
The performance of natural & organic cosmetic products is closely linked to ingredients. This workshop gives an update on the palette of green raw materials that can be used in natural & organic cosmetics, highlighting the formulation hurdles.

An overview is given of the contentious synthetic ingredients in personal care products; details are given of permitted synthetics and allowable chemical processes for natural & organic cosmetic products. An update is given on the leading standards and certification schemes in Europe and globe, including COSMOS, Natrue, USDA NOP, NPA, ISO 16128, etc. Details will be given of green emulsifiers, surfactants, and preservative systems that can be used in natural & organic cosmetic products. The issues associated with using such ingredients will be discussed, as well as guidance on how to develop effective ‘green formulations’.

The masterclass is designed for cosmetic brands & manufacturers, formulators, ingredient suppliers, investors, certification agencies and related organisations.

Reasons to Attend
The Masterclass addresses the following questions:

  • What is the growth outlook for natural & organic cosmetics?
  • What developments are occurring in the European & global market?
  • Why are consumers buying natural and organic products?
  • What do we know about the profile of the green consumer?
  •  What are the marketing & distribution issues associated with natural and organic products?
  • What are the issues when adopting natural & organic cosmetic standards?
  • What new ethical labelling schemes are gaining popularity?
  • What raw materials are not permitted by popular standards & labeling schemes?
  • What green preservative systems are emerging?
  • How do you overcome formulation issues when developing ‘chemically-clean’ cosmetic products? 
  • How can brands re-formulate to remove contentious chemicals from their formulations?


 Masterclass Fee  
 Morning session  EUR 299
 2 sessions: full programme  EUR 499

Prices are inclusive of delegate pack and networking breaks.
The masterclass has capacity of 50 delegates so advance booking is strongly recommended.

The Masterclass will be hosted at the Multiburo Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, easily accessible by most forms of transport.

Exhibitor & sponsorship opportunities
A limited number of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available to meet this highly targeted audience.

For more details, or to confirm your attendance, please go to the registration page or  email us