Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Marketing and Formulation Issues

17-18 January 2017
San Francisco, USA

Masterclass Overview
This new masterclass tackled some of the major marketing, technical and financing issues associated with natural & organic personal care products. Although consumer demand for natural & organic products is strengthening, there remain hurdles in terms of distribution, greenwashing, standards and labels, raw materials and growth financing. This masterclass was designed for brand owners, formulators, ingredient suppliers, certification agencies and industry organizations.

Seminars: Marketing & Ingredients
The latest market data was provided for the US market for natural & organic personal care products, including growth projections and future outlook. A leading natural brand gave insights into how it has overcome the distribution challenges. With growing concerns about traceability of raw materials, a case study was given of an operator that is successfully managing ingredient supply chain risks. Other seminars covered sustainable oils and consumer behavior. 

Workshop I: Formulating Natural & Organic Personal Care Products
This interactive workshop discussed the technical issues when developing natural and organic personal care products. An update was given on popular standards and certification schemes in North America and Europe. Details were given of the contentious materials in green formulations, followed by practical advice on how to formulate products without parabens, phthalates, SLS / SLES, etc. Guidance was given on product safety, stability, and performance of green product formulations.

Workshop II: Financing for Sustainable Growth
With financing a major concern for many natural & organic personal care firms, this new workshop gave details of the ethical financing options, as well as guidance on utilizing capital for business growth. Using case studies, the risks and pitfalls of financing were outlined. Details were also be given of crowdfunding and the use of incubators / accelerators.

Reasons to Attend
The Masterclass
addressed the following questions:
> What
is the growth outlook for natural & organic personal care products?
> What market and competitive developments are occurring?
What are the leading certification schemes for natural & organic personal care products?
> What
are the distribution challenges facing brands?
> How
can firms strengthen supply chains for natural / organic ingredients? 
How can companies mitigate risks of contaminants / GMOs in supply chains?
What developments are occurring in sustainable vegetable oils?
How can brands overcome technical hurdles when developing natural / organic products?
> What are the green preservative, surfactant and emulsifier options?
What are the various ethical financing options available to natural / organic brands?
> How can companies utilize growth financing effectively?
> What are the motives for consumers to buy natural & organic personal care products?
> How can brands market their products more effectively to consumers?

The masterclass pack is now available, with full seminars and workshop slides, for USD 349. To place an order, please email us