Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labels and Business Openings

2,4 November 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

Masterclass Overview
Hosted for the first time in Asia, this Masterclass helped Asian companies overcome the technical and marketing issues associated with natural & organic personal care products. Co-located alongside In-Cosmetics Asia, the masterclass comprised two interactive workshops that are designed for business & technical professionals in the beauty industry.

Workshop 1:
Adopting Green Standards
This workshop gave an update on green certification schemes in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and other regions. What natural & organic standards are most applicable to Asian companies looking at taking the certification route? What are the major ingredient and formulation issues of adopting such standards?

Details were given of the major technical issues associated with formulating certified cosmetic products. Guidance will be given to companies looking to replace contentious synthetic chemicals with green alternatives. Details will be given of suitable preservative systems, surfactants, emulsifiers and related ingredients for certified products. The workshop addressed the following questions:

> What are the main green certification schemes for cosmetic products?
> What developments in standards are happening in Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific?
> What are the differences between the most popular international standards?
> What are the practical implications of adopting these different standards?
> What are the labelling and certification issues?
> What synthetic ingredients need to be replaced to formulate natural & organic personal care products?
> How can Asian companies overcome major formulation issues?
> What are the green preservative options? Which are suitable for certified products?
> What advice can be given to Asian companies looking at ‘cleaning up’ their cosmetic formulations?

The workshop was designed for product developers, formulators, cosmetic companies, ingredient suppliers, as well as industry organisations.


Workshop 2: Business Openings in the Global Market for Green Cosmetics
Although the global market for natural & organic cosmetics market is showing healthy growth, few Asian companies are capitalising on the business openings. Many Asian brands are grappling with marketing issues. This workshop gave a comprehensive analysis of the global natural & organic cosmetics market, highlighting the business opportunities to existing participants and new entrants.

Market trends and developments were given for the leading geographic regions, including Europe, North America, and Asia. Detailed insights were given into consumer behaviour towards natural & organic products, as well as product & ingredient trends, market drivers & restraints, retailing issues and competitive trends. Case studies were given of companies who are successfully riding the green wave. Future growth projections and business openings were highlighted.

Key features of the workshop:

> What is the future outlook for the global natural & organic cosmetics market?
> What growth is occurring in the Asian market? What country markets
have most growth potential?
> What are the export openings outside Asia?
> Why are consumers turning to natural & organic products?
> What are the major market & retailing trends?
> What are the product & ingredient developments?
> Who are the leading brands of natural & organic cosmetics?
> What are the key success factors for this market? 
> What are the business opportunities for existing operators & new entrants?

This workshop was designed for organisations looking to realise business opportunities in the natural & organic cosmetics industry.

The masterclass pack is now available, with complete workshop slides, for USD 249. To place an order, please email us