The True Value of Sustainable Foods

A growing body of evidence shows the disparity between the price we pay for foods and the costs of production & consumption. Market prices do not reflect the environmental, social and health impacts of food products. Sustainable foods have lower such impacts than conventional ones. A recent true accounting study by EY (formerly Ernst & Young) […]

US Natural Personal Care Market: Segmentation and Labels

Natural & organic personal care product sales are growing at a healthy rate, with the market share of natural & organic products approaching 10 percent in the US. Two major trends are occurring: increased segmentation and labels. Segmentation is occurring whereby natural & organic brands are targeting specific consumer segments. Dedicated ranges for baby care, […]

Predictions for Sustainable Foods in 2017

With some uncertainty about sustainability in the year ahead, Ecovia Intelligence (Organic Monitor)  is giving its predictions for sustainable foods in 2017… Organic foods – global sales of organic foods are expected to continue the positive trajectory, with most growth envisaged in North America and Northern Europe. Organic food sales in the US and Canada […]

Anti-Pollution Trend Creates Opportunities for Green Cosmetic Brands

Anti-pollution skincare is a major trend in the beauty industry, with a raft of new ingredients and finished products introduced in the last 18 months. Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor) sees good opportunities for natural & organic cosmetic brands in this emerging category. A recent report by the World Health Organization says that 92% of the […]

Green Acquisitions Set to Continue

Unilever’s purchase of Seventh Generation this week is the latest in a series of green acquisitions. Ecovia Intelligence predicts the trend to continue as large multinationals look to build a foothold in sustainable product industries. Seventh Generation is a leading brand in the North American market for natural home care products. The acquisition gives Unilever […]