Singapore: Hain Builds Platform for Asia Expansion

By signing an investment deal with Yeo Hiap Seng, American organic food giant Hain Celestial is aiming to become a major player in the Asian market. The two companies have also declared an intention to pursue joint interests in food marketing and product development. Hain Celestial is one of the world’s largest producers of organic […]

Yeo Valley Taking Organic to New Frontiers

Yeo Valley Organic’s brand strategy is taking organic products to new frontiers in the dairy industry. Yeo Valley Organic has re-launched its organic ice-creams and frozen yoghurts as part of its strategy to re-position its organic dairy products. New packaging was introduced in June and marketing campaigns are supporting the re-launch. The new packaging design […]

USA: Impact of BSE on Organic Meat Industry

BSE was reported in the USA last week and the meat industry is gripped with fear on what cost will a sick cow have on the multi-billion dollar industry. The American beef industry is estimated at USD 175 billion, which includes retail sales and related businesses such as equipment and feed supplies. The USA is […]

Logic of McDonald’s Organic Move

McDonald’s is the latest multinational to jump onto the organic bandwagon. The international fast-food chain announced that it is to start selling organic milk in its UK restaurants from February. This was followed by news this week that the multinational reported huge losses of USD 343.8 million in the last quarter of 2002. The company […]

Japan: Food Scares Spur Organic Food Sales

Another case of BSE was confirmed in Japan this month, bringing the total number of cases to six since the first was reported in September 2001. Sales of organic foods are expected to continue to rise as a result. Consumer demand for organic foods has been soaring since the BSE crisis started as they are […]