UK: New Functional Beverages Look to Emulate Success of Soya Drinks

The success of soya drinks in the UK is expanding the functional drinks market with two new product launches this month. Tesco has launched functional milk under its private label whilst Pepsico has added a novel functional juice to its Tropicana range. Like soya drinks, the new functional drinks contain sterols that actively lower cholesterol […]

USA: Market Growth Stifled by Undersupply

American consumers can’t get enough organic foods with producers unable to meet demand. As a result most sectors of the organic food industry are suffering undersupply, which is stunting market growth. Shortage of organic products is making producers look outbound for raw materials. Increasing volume of organic fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, beans, and herbs are […]

UK: Organic Milk Shortages Begin

The UK organic dairy market is starting to experience undersupply again after four years of oversupply. Consumer demand for organic milk is exceptionally high this year with many retailers reporting sales growth in excess of 30%. Growing consumer awareness of the health benefits of organic milk is driving market growth. Various scientific studies are showing […]

South-East Asia: From Functional Soya Drinks to Organic?

Soya drinks are increasingly marketed as functional drinks in Asia as manufacturers target health-conscious consumers. Soya drinks are mainly consumed as soft drinks in South-East Asia. They are widely available in retailers and foodservice establishments in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The launch of soya drinks with functional ingredients is expanding the market by […]

Singapore: Hain Builds Platform for Asia Expansion

By signing an investment deal with Yeo Hiap Seng, American organic food giant Hain Celestial is aiming to become a major player in the Asian market. The two companies have also declared an intention to pursue joint interests in food marketing and product development. Hain Celestial is one of the world’s largest producers of organic […]