Symrise Partnership Aims to Build Sustainable Food System

Symrise has partnered with KitchenTown Berlin, a food tech innovation network that aims to build a more sustainable food system. KitchenTown will create an active global community of food entrepreneurs and innovators. It will provide the infrastructure and network in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa (EMEA), whilst Symrise will provide guidance and to jointly deploy […]

Call for Greater Assessment of Organic Products

French, Danish and Swedish researchers say there needs to be a better system to compare conventional and organic production systems which accounts not only for differences in crop yields, but for the environmental impacts of the different systems. According to three scientists, the most widely used method of analysis often tends to overlook vital factors, […]

Germany: Consumers Shopping for Organic Foods

Consumer demand for organic food and beverages in Germany has risen significantly again in 2019. The number of households buying organic continued to rise at a quick pace. Compared to the previous year, shoppers bought organic products much more frequently (+8 percent) and added more organic goods to their shopping carts on this occasion (+4 […]