#5101-46 The Japanese Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables

June 2002, 70 pages,  EUR 599, Japanese Market Suffering from Supply Shortages.  Booming consumer demand for organic foods in Japan is causing the organic fresh fruit & vegetables market to experience acute supply shortages. A series of scares have rocked the Japanese food industry since 1999. Consumer concern over food poisoning outbreaks, genetically modified corn […]

#1001-43 The European Market for Organic Dairy Products

April 2002, 419 pages,  EUR 2999, European Sales of Organic Dairy Products Continue to Rise.  Sales of organic dairy products expanded by 26 percent in Europe to top EUR 1.2 billion. Some countries reported sales growth of over 30 percent due to the BSE crisis elevating consumer demand for organic foods. The highest growth was […]

#1501-43 The Southern European Market for Organic Dairy Products

February 2002, 156 pages, EUR 749, Undersupply Stunting Growth in Organic Dairy Sector.  Low interest from dairy farmers to convert to organic production methods is stunting growth in the Southern Europe organic dairy products market. Although these three countries have 1.4 million hectares of organic farmland, representing 39 percent of total EU organic farmland, there […]