#1001-47 The European Market for Organic Juices

October 2002, 419 pages,
EUR 2399,

Germany Leads European Organic Juices Market
Sales of organic juices are increasing at more than 20% a year. The highest growth is currently being observed in the German and Italian markets where widening availability of organic juices in the major retailers is driving market growth.

Germany has the largest market for organic juices in Europe, comprising over 40 percent of total volumes. Germans are the world’s largest juice drinkers it is no surprise that they have the largest consumption rate of organic juices in Europe. The market share of organic juices is low however, below 1%.

The UK and French organic juice markets are to show the lowest growth rates over the forecast period. The organic juices market in these countries showed very high growth in the late 1990s and market expansion has slowed due to consumer demand stabilising. Retail penetration is reaching saturation in these countries with most food retailers offering organic juices. Further growth in these countries is to be driven by retailers broadening their organic juice ranges and companies introducing new juice varieties.

Fruit juices dominate the organic juices market with orange juice and apple juice representing the majority of volumes. Organic vegetable juices are less popular with European consumers. Most demand for organic vegetable juices is in Germany, which accounts for over 70 percent of European volumes. Organic vegetable juices are a fixture in health food shops and organic food retailers.

The European organic juices industry is highly fragmented with over 100 companies involved in the production and bottling of organic juices. Many are in Italy where a large number of juice companies supply regional markets. The UK has the most concentrated organic juice sector with the leading companies controlling over 80 percent of the market.

A few companies dominate the European organic juices market however no company has a significant presence in more than one country. Unlike the conventional juices industry, there is an absence of large companies operating at the regional level.

This detailed report analyses the European organic juices market, covering Germany, France, the UK and Italy. Information contained in the report includes market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, sales channels analysis, and competitive analysis.

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