#1202-43 The UK Market for Organic Dairy Products

July 2004, 77 pages,  EUR 699, Strong Sales Growth Easing Oversupply.  Healthy market growth rates and decreasing production levels of organic milk are easing oversupply in the UK organic dairy sector. The market for organic dairy products is reporting high growth due to product innovations and marketing campaigns of producers. A number of innovative organic […]

#1001-44 The European Market for Organic Meat Products

May 2003, 440 pages,  EUR 2999, Competitive Stakes Rise in Organic Meat Sector.  Competition is stepping up in the European organic meat industry as a number of country markets suffer from overcapacity this year. Organic meat supplies were falling short of demand for a number of years and this encouraged many meat producers in Europe […]

#1101-42 The German Market for Fresh Organic Fruit

March 2003, 62 pages,  EUR 599, Organic Fresh Fruit Sales Rise as Confidence Returns.  Organic fruit sales are increasing in Germany as consumer confidence in organic foods slowly returns after the Nitrofen scandal in 2002. Consumer demand for organic foods fell sharply in mid-2002 when reports came out that contaminated wheat was fed to poultry […]

#1401-44 The Scandinavian Market for Organic Meat Products

February 2003, 151 pages, EUR 599, Maturing of Scandinavian Organic Meat Sector.  Sales of organic meat products are slowing in Scandinavia as the organic food industry begins to mature. This research study by Organic Monitor shows that organic meat sales expanded by 10% in 2002. Market growth rates of above 20% per annum have been […]

#1001-47 The European Market for Organic Juices

October 2002, 419 pages, EUR 2399, Germany Leads European Organic Juices Market.  Sales of organic juices are increasing at more than 20% a year. The highest growth is currently being observed in the German and Italian markets where widening availability of organic juices in the major retailers is driving market growth. Germany has the largest […]