#1401-44 The Scandinavian Market for Organic Meat Products

February 2003, 151 pages,
EUR 599,

Maturing of Scandinavian Organic Meat Sector
Sales of organic meat products are slowing in Scandinavia as the organic food industry begins to mature.

This research study by Organic Monitor shows that organic meat sales expanded by 10% in 2002. Market growth rates of above 20% per annum have been observed since the mid 1990s however growth rates are slowing due to consumer demand for organic foods stabilising.

Denmark has the largest market in the region, comprising about a half of Scandinavian organic meat volumes. Organic meat products have been available in Danish retailers for almost a decade and organic beef now accounts for over 2% of beef sales in the country.

The low number of organic meat producers is a factor behind the Finnish market being the smallest in Scandinavia. Only 7.3% of the 5,000 Finnish organic farms are involved in organic meat production. Low conversion subsidies, stringent organic livestock production standards, and subdued consumer demand are responsible for low farmer interest in organic meat production.

Organic beef dominates the Scandinavian organic meat market, comprising two-thirds of total revenues. Large volumes of organic pork are produced in the region, much of which is exported to other countries. There is relatively low consumer demand for organic poultry because of the high price premium, which can be as high as 100 percent.

Large meat companies dominate the supply-side in each country. As domestic market growth rates slow, these companies are using their distribution and marketing infrastructure to alleviate excess capacity to export markets. Danish companies are the leading exporters of organic meat products with one firm making a successful foray into countries as far a field as United States and Japan.

The report gives recommendations to companies that are looking to realise business opportunities in the Scandinavian organic meat market. New entrants and medium-sized companies are advised to target food processors and the catering sector. Recommendations are given for countries, product segments, and marketing channels.

The product segments analysed in the report are organic beef, organic pork, organic poultry, and organic lamb. Market sizes (volumes & revenues), market growth forecasts, and market shares of the leading producers are provided. Profiles of the leading organic meat companies & retailers are given, as well as pricing analysis, distribution trends, and sales breakdown by marketing channels.

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