#1202-44 The UK Market for Organic Meat Products

March 2005, 73 pages
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Meat Products Shine in UK Organic Food Industry
The organic meat products market is the fastest growing in the UK organic food industry with sales expanding by 139% between 2001 and 2004. High growth rates have made the UK organic meat market the second largest in the world.

Healthy growth rates are envisaged to continue in the coming years as greater volume comes into the market. Apart from the retail trade, there is high demand for organic meats from food processors and the catering sector. The increase in organic food processing has led to a surge in demand from companies making organic sausages, bacon, ready-meals, and baby food. Over a half of British organic pork went to food processors in 2004. There is also rising demand from restaurants, schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Although sales volume has expanded considerably, the market share of organic meats remains below 4% in most retailers. Organic meats are mostly marketed under supermarket private labels, which account for over 80% of fresh cut sales. Brands are more evident on organic processed meats.

The organic poultry market is reporting the highest growth, expanding by over 20% per year. High market growth rates are projected to make organic poultry comprise most volume in the UK organic meat market in the coming years.

Mergers and acquisitions are making the conventional meat industry increasingly concentrated, however the supply-side for organic meats remains fragmented. Supermarket sourcing policies are responsible for conventional meat companies to dominate the supply of organic meats. Imports remain important, representing about 20% of total sales volume with products coming into the UK from a number of continents.

This report gives market & competitive information on organic beef, organic pork, organic lamb, and organic poultry. Market sizes, revenue forecasts, and market trends are given for each segment. Competitive information includes market shares and profiles of leading suppliers and retailers.

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