#1101-42 The German Market for Fresh Organic Fruit

March 2003, 62 pages
EUR 599,

Organic Fresh Fruit Sales Rise as Confidence Returns
Organic fruit sales are increasing in Germany as consumer confidence in organic foods slowly returns after the Nitrofen scandal in 2002.

Consumer demand for organic foods fell sharply in mid-2002 when reports came out that contaminated wheat was fed to poultry at organic farms. The organic meat and dairy sectors were the most hit whilst sales of organic fresh fruit & vegetables were somewhat cushioned.

Consumers are slowly renewing interest in organic foods and retailers are responding by broadening their organic product ranges. This new study projects the fresh organic fruit market to expand by 8.1 percent to EUR 236 million in 2003. The highest growth is to be in the organic tropical & exotic fruit category due to retailers adding these fruits to their fresh produce ranges.

A number of conventional fruit companies have entered the industry in recent years and this is raising competitive stakes in the organic fruit industry. Producer prices and industry margins fell significantly in 2002 and this trend is expected to continue in the near term. Market winners are expected to be those companies that use strong supply chains between growers and retailers to gain a competitive advantage.

This new research study analyses the German organic fruit market. Market sizes & growth rates, revenue forecasts are given for the major product categories. Retailer profiles, pricing analysis, and market drivers and restraints are provided along with competitive information like market shares of the leading traders / suppliers.

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