Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Future Direction of Ethical Labels

11 July 2018
London (UK)

Masterclass Overview
Natural, organic, fair trade, vegan, halal are some of the labels that are making their way onto cosmetic and personal care products. Consumers are looking for such labels because of concerns about contentious chemicals and ethical considerations. What are the business openings with such ethical labels? What are the issues when developing certified products? What are leading brands experiences with popular standards and labelling schemes? Such questions were answered in this new masterclass that 
comprised seminars and workshop sessions…

Morning Seminars
After an introduction to ethical labels, an update was given on the UK & European market for natural and organic cosmetics. The latest market data was given, as well as distribution, consumer and product trends. Details were given of the leading standards for natural and organic cosmetics, including COSMOS, Natrue, and new ISO 16128 guidelines. The use of fairtrade ingredients was discussed, followed by seminars on novel materials, skin biomes, and a retailing case study.  

Afternoon Workshop 
Titled ‘Formulating Certified Green Cosmetics’, this workshop tackled the major hurdles when adopting popular ethical ethical labelling schemes. An overview was given of leading natural & organic personal care standards in Europe, North America, and other regions. A comparison was made of the permitted / prohibited raw materials, processes and technical issues. The adoption issues of other labelling schemes, such as Fairtrade, Vegan Society, Halal, Nordic Swan, EU Eco-Flower, etc. were also discussed. Case studies were given of product formulations that have adopted such labels. Practical advice was given to brands looking to take the certification / labelling road.

Reasons to Attend
The Masterclass
addressed the following questions:
> What
is the future outlook for ethical labelling & certification schemes?
> What developments are occurring in the UK & European natural and organic cosmetics market?
> Why are consumers turning to natural and green cosmetic products?
> What are the major drivers for the ethical labelling trend?
> What is the key criteria when adopting COSMOS standard and ISO 16128 guidelines?
> How can brands place the fairtrade label on their products?
> What raw materials are not permitted by popular labelling schemes?
> What are technical issues when adopting popular certification schemes / labelling schemes?
> How can brands re-formulate to remove contentious chemicals from their formulations?
> What ethical labels are likely to be most successful and why?

The masterclass pack is now available, with full seminars and workshop slides, for GB £299. To place an order, please email us