Predictions for Sustainable Foods in 2017

With some uncertainty about sustainability in the year ahead, Ecovia Intelligence (Organic Monitor)  is giving its predictions for sustainable foods in 2017… Organic foods – global sales of organic foods are expected to continue the positive trajectory, with most growth envisaged in North America and Northern Europe. Organic food sales in the US and Canada […]

Anti-Pollution Trend Creates Opportunities for Green Cosmetic Brands

Anti-pollution skincare is a major trend in the beauty industry, with a raft of new ingredients and finished products introduced in the last 18 months. Organic Monitor sees good opportunities for natural & organic cosmetic brands in this emerging category. A recent report by the World Health Organization says that 92% of the global population is […]

Green Acquisitions Set to Continue

Unilever’s purchase of Seventh Generation this week is the latest in a series of green acquisitions. Ecovia Intelligence predicts the trend to continue as large multinationals look to build a foothold in sustainable product industries. Seventh Generation is a leading brand in the North American market for natural home care products. The acquisition gives Unilever […]

Sustainable Ingredients Emerging from Food Waste

Sustainability and technological advances are leading to novel ingredients to emerge from food waste. These sustainable ingredients are finding new applications in foods, nutraceuticals and personal care products. According to the FAO (United Nations), about a third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted in the supply chain. With food companies and retailers under pressure to become […]

What is the Future Direction of Sustainable Sourcing?

Sustainable sourcing has become fashionable in the food industry, with a growing number of companies making such commitments. However, the increasing number of sustainability schemes raises questions about long-term developments. Coffee, the most traded agricultural commodity, has the highest market share. It is estimated that almost 20% of all coffee is now sourced according to […]