New Zealand: Organic Milk Demand Outstrips Supply

When Fonterra launched a reboot of its organic programme in 2015, it did so on the Flipp farm in Manawatu. Ben Wonnacott, Deb Wonnacott, Bill Flipp and Matthew Kirkland. There is a “crying demand” for organic milk but not enough cows to meet it, according to Bill Quinn of the Organic Dairy Hub Co-operative of […]

Australia: Stanbroke Expanding in Organic Beef Market

The premium obtained for organic beef appears to be alluring for Australia’s largest family-run beef business. Stanbroke is now forging further into organic red meat with the direct procurement and weekly processing of organic cattle at its Grantham facility in southern Queensland. The move will be an expansion of the company’s existing Diamantina Organic and Flinders Natural […]

Australia: Sustainability and Traceability via Social Media

According to Australian Macadamia Society’s market development manager Lynne Ziehlke, sustainability and traceability demands from consumers were increasing, and the society was relying on social media heavily to respond.  She said the focus was on transparency, and giving consumers the opportunity to know more about the product they are buying, and the steps it takes from […]