#8041-12 Technical Insights: Natural Food Ingredients in Cosmetics

August 2010, 95 pages
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Formulating with Food Ingredients: Opportunities & Challenges.   
A growing number of product developers and formulators are turning to the kitchen table for cosmetic ingredients. This report looks at the possibilities of using food ingredients in cosmetic applications, highlights the associated technical & formulation issues and gives case studies of companies successfully marketing their products on food ingredients.

Food ingredients are increasingly used in cosmetic products because of the consumer perception that ‘if it is safe enough to eat, then it must be good for my skin’. Cosmetic and ingredient companies are also showing high interest because food crops have the potential to become sustainable raw material sources.

This Technical Insights report finds that although food ingredients are becoming popular, they bring many technical and supply challenges. Apart from stability and quality issues, there are issues surrounding price volatility and traceability. Guidance is given to companies looking to formulate cosmetic products with food ingredients so they can overcome such issues. The use of green chemistry principles is explored, as well as the potential to develop certified natural & organic cosmetic products using food ingredients.

A detailed analysis is undertaken of the various classes of food ingredients, and their existing / prospective use in cosmetic applications. Examples are given of food ingredients, as well as those from original food sources, in cosmetic products. Details are given of their functionality in cosmetic applications and potential benefits. Profiles are given of companies that supply natural (and organic) food ingredients for cosmetic applications.

This report is a useful guide for cosmetic companies looking to formulate products based on food ingredients. It is equally useful for cosmetic ingredient firms considering using food as a raw material source.

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