#1902-60 The Swiss Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Sep 2009, 30 pages,
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Swiss Consumers Seeking Natural & Organic Products.   
The Swiss market for natural & organic cosmetics is growing at a healthy rate. High growth is occurring as consumers demand cosmetics & toiletries free from synthetic chemicals. Natural & organic products are becoming popular as Swiss consumers become aware of the possible dangers of parabens, phthalates and other synthetic ingredients.

High growth rates are leading many Swiss companies to invest in natural & organic cosmetics. Some are developing products using indigenous ingredients such as edelweiss. Certification is becoming important, with a growing number of companies adopting natural & organic standards.

This report gives market & competitive information for the following product categories:
Natural & organic skin care products
Natural & organic oral care products
Natural & organic hair care products
Natural & organic cosmetics
Other natural & organic personal care products

Market information includes market size, revenue forecasts, market trends, pricing & distribution analysis and sales channel breakdown. Future growth projections are given as well as market shares and profiles of the leading brands and retailers.

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