#1002-42 The European Market for Ethical Fruit & Vegetables

June 2008, 162 pages
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Ethical Fresh Produce Sales Rocketing in Europe.   
Growing consumer demand for ethical products is boosting sales of organic & fairtrade fresh produce in Europe, with revenues breaking the EUR 5 billion barrier for the first time.

Fairtrade fruit & vegetables are reporting the fastest growth, with sales almost doubling last year. High growth is occurring as  retailers make pledges to market only fairtrade products. Most developments have been in the UK where two supermarkets have converted their entire banana supply to fairtrade.

Organic fruit & vegetable sales are also benefiting from the rise in ethical consumerism. Organic vegetables, the leading category, now comprises over 5% of all vegetable sales in northern European countries. The market share has already exceeded 10% in some countries. The organic fruit market is reporting higher growth however, as more tropical and exotic varieties come into the market.

The organic fresh produce industry continues to be dogged by supply shortages, with European production not keeping pace with demand. Organic farmland is even declining in some countries because rising prices of agricultural products are discouraging farmers to convert to organic practices. Supermarkets are developing global supply chains to overcome supply issues, causing organic products to come into the region from almost every continent. Large conventional fresh produce companies are showing an increase in market share because of their close ties with supermarkets. Mergers & acquisitions are also occurring as dedicated organic fresh produce companies adapt to the changing competitive landscape.

This new report covers the organic and fairtrade fresh produce market in Europe. Strategic analysis is given of the vegetables, top fruit, citrus fruit, bananas, tropical & exotic fruit markets. Market & competitive information includes market sizes, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, import & export statistics, distribution & supply chain trends, product & pricing analysis, and profiles of leading traders & retailers. The report also gives marketing strategies & recommendations to ethical fresh produce companies, exporters and new entrants.

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