#1001-91 The European Market for Fairtrade Fruit & Vegetables

June 2008, 44 pages
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Ethical Consumerism Driving Market Growth.    
A rise in ethical consumerism is creating a surge in demand for fairtrade fruit & vegetables, with sales almost doubling in 2007. Most growth is occurring in Western Europe where a number of supermarkets have made pledges to source just fairtrade products.

The UK market is showing fast growth because two leading multiples have switched their entire banana supply to fairtrade. British retailers have the most comprehensive range of fairtrade fruit & vegetables in the world. Apart from extensive product ranges, supermarkets like Sainsbury’s are also financing fairtrade projects in third world countries. However, fairtrade products have the largest market share of fresh produce sales in Switzerland where the Max Havelaar label is highly established.

Demand for fairtrade fruit & vegetables is expected to become more evenly spread across Europe as greater supply becomes available and ethical consumerism rises. Growing awareness of fairtrade labels is predicted to stimulate consumer demand.

This first-ever report on the fairtrade fruit & vegetables market gives an analysis of the leading country markets in Europe. Market & competitive information includes market size by product category, revenue forecasts, market & pricing trends, product analysis, and profiles of leading traders & retailers. Product categories covered include fresh vegetables, top fruit, citrus fruit, bananas, tropical & exotic fruit.

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