#1001-65 The European Market for Green Home Care Products

October 2017, 121 pages, EUR 1995,     Green Cleaning Products Gaining Popularity. The European market for green home care products is showing healthy growth. Increasing distribution and rising consumer awareness of the health & environmental impacts of cleaning products are the main drivers of market growth. Germany has the fastest growing market in Europe, […]

#1204-60 The UK Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products

August 2017, 60 pages,  EUR 599,  Growth Outlook Affected by Brexit.   Although healthy growth is continuing in the UK market for natural & organic personal care products, the future growth outlook is not so rosy. The political and economic uncertainty is affecting the retail environment and product purchases. Consumer demand for natural and organic […]

#8041-15 Technical Insights: Green Surfactants and Emulsifiers

Nov 2015, 65 pages,  EUR 999,   Green Materials Gaining Popularity.    Green surfactants and emulsifiers are making headway in personal care formulations. The move towards green materials is driven by consumer demand for sustainable products, as well as industry pressure to adopt renewable feedstock. This report critically reviews the range of green surfactants and […]

#1402-60 The Nordic Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

July 2015, 123 pages,  Price: EUR 999,  Ethical Consumerism Driving Market Growth.   The Nordic market for natural & organic cosmetics has doubled in size between 2008 and 2014. Healthy growth is occurring because of strong consumer demand for natural & organic products, and widening availability. Nordic consumers are seeking natural and organic products because […]

#5001-60 The Asian Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

April 2015, 140 pages,  EUR 599  (country reports), EUR 3950  (all countries),   Healthy Growth Outlook for Asian Market.    The Asian market for natural & organic cosmetics is showing high growth. Most country markets are reporting double-digit growth as consumers look for cosmetic and personal care products with natural and organic ingredients. Western brands […]