Europe: Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Agenda Unveiled

The Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will feature bio-based surfactants, ethical labels, green formulations, and marketing developments. Organised by Ecovia Intelligence, the fourth edition of this executive summit will take place in Paris on 8-9th November. The 2-day programme comprises two workshops and conference sessions. Krister Solmberg, Professor of Surface Chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology, […]

Ireland: Organic Onions Have Higher Antioxidants

Researchers in Ireland have found that organic onions have more antioxidant activity and higher flavonol content than conventional onions. Results of the six-year study have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The researchers grew two onion varieties —“Red Baron” and “Hyskin”—in a variety of conditions between 2009 and 2014. They analysed […]

Europe: Organic Products Could be Identified by Fingerprinting

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre’s (JRC) findings show that there are detectable biochemical differences in the cells of organic and non-organic carrots. Its research showed that plants grown organically are exposed to more environmental stress than those treated with pesticides, and this exposure results in protective substances building up in the plant’s cells. These […]