Peru Becomes Leading Organic Banana Exporter

Peru has become the world’s leading exporter of organic bananas, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri). The ministry plans to maintain pole position until 2023. 

Oscar Raymundo, the general manager of the Association of Organic Producers of Querecotillo (APOQ), Piura, provides information on the profitability of organic bananas.

According to Raymundo, each hectare of organic bananas yields about 32,550 kg of fruit for export per year, which is equivalent to 1,750 boxes of 18.6 kg each. Each box is currently sold at US $12.35 in the international market. However, small producers only produce between 1,000 and 1,200 kg while large plantations can produce up to 2,500 kg.

According to Raymundo, maintaining a hectare costs around S / 16,000 a year. This amount includes the payment of wages for the various tasks required for the production of organic bananas, such as weeding and taking care of the bunch. It also takes into account irrigation costs and fertilization inputs.

In addition, one must take into account the cost of organic certification, which in the case of APOQ producers is covered by the organization that brings them together. The organization pays about US $40,000 per year for the certifications required to export this fruit, and the amount is divided among the 600 producers that make it up: each one pays about US $66.

Piura, Lambayeque (Olmos), La Libertad (Chepen), and Tumbes are the regions that produce organic bananas in Peru. There are some 10,500 hectares of organic bananas in the country, which did not increase in the last year due to the fall registered in 2019.

Ecovia Intelligence Comment
Peru is congratulated on developing a successful organic banana sector. Exports are generating hard currency for the country, helping economic development. Apart from the environmental benefits of organic farming, there are many economic and commercial benefits to move to organic & sustainable production systems.

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Source: Fresh Plaza, Ecovia Intelligence (27/03)