#8041-13 Technical Insights: Paraben-Free Preservative Systems for Cosmetics

May 2012, 65 pages
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Critical Review of New Alternative Preservative Systems.   
A growing number of cosmetic formulations are avoiding parabens and other contentious synthetic materials. However, these alternative preservative systems do not always give the same performance as conventional systems. There are also issues related to costs, safety and stability, especially for preservatives used in natural and organic cosmetic products.

This Technical Insights report is a practical guide for companies looking at alternative preservative systems, highlighting their performance and formulation issues. It is useful for formulators of cosmetic products, as well as ingredient companies developing new materials for preservation.

Details are given of the range of natural preservatives available to formulators, including materials that contain multi-functional ingredients to give preservation qualities. Methods of self-preservation are discussed, including the use of surface active membrane disruptors and hurdle technology.

The preservative options for certified natural and organic cosmetics are also covered. Details are given of permitted and prohibited preservative materials for the leading natural & organic cosmetic standards. The final part of the report gives profiles of companies supplying alternative preservative systems.

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