#3002-40 The North American Market for Organic Food & Drink

December 2010, 50 pages
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Healthy Market Growth Rates Continue.   
Organic food & drink sales have shown resilience to the economic slowdown, with market growth rates continuing at healthy rates. Outpacing the European market, North America now has the largest market for organic products in the world. Although the US comprises the majority of revenues, the Canadian market is also showing healthy expansion.

Organic food production has stepped up considerably in the region, however many product categories remain import dependent. Latin America has become a major source of organic fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, spices and ingredients. Organic product shortages are leading some companies to set up sourcing projects in developing countries to ‘lock-in’ supply.

A major development in North America is that mergers and acquisitions are leading to consolidation. Large companies are emerging at every level of the supply chain. Thus, many new entrants and small companies are having to focus on niche segments / sectors.

Produced from almost 10 years of continuous research, this report gives in-depth analysis and forecasts for the North American market for organic food & drink. Market & competitive information includes:

Market size of country markets
Market size of leading product categories
Market shares of organic products
Historic and projected market growth rates
Revenue forecasts
Market drivers & restraints
Organic standards & regulations
Country reports
Sales channels
Competitive analysis
Consumer behaviour

Profiles are given of the leading producers, retailers and importers of organic foods in USA and Canada. Business opportunities are highlighted to new entrants and existing participants.

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