#5501-60 The Middle-Eastern Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

August 2011. 50 pages
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Middle-Eastern Promise for Natural Cosmetics.  
The market for natural cosmetics is showing healthy growth, with revenues projected to increase by about 20% this year. High growth is occurring in spite of political instability and social unrest. Demand is concentrated in major cities that have largely been unaffected by the unrest; most natural cosmetic sales are from Dubai, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Manama and related cities.

The major drivers of market growth are rising consumer demand for ‘chemically-clean’ cosmetics and expanding distribution. Consumers are buying natural & organic products as they become concerned about synthetic ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries. Product penetration is expanding in pharmacies, beauty retailers and department stores.

High growth rates are partly because the market is growing from a small base. Although the region has a sizeable consumer market, adoption rates are low because of low consumer awareness about natural cosmetics and limited distribution. European and American brands are largely capitalising on high market growth rates because of the absence of Middle-Eastern brands. Although the number of indigenous brands is increasing, none have built a regional presence.

Organic Monitor projects high growth rates to continue in the coming years. Market winners are expected to be brands who can expand distribution, whilst differentiating their products from existing natural products and ‘pseudo-naturals’.

This first-ever report on the Middle-Eastern market for natural & organic cosmetics covers the following product categories:
Natural & organic skin care products
Natural & organic oral care products
Natural & organic hair care products
Natural & organic cosmetics
Other natural & organic personal care products

Country coverage: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran

Market information includes market size, growth projections, market drivers & restraints, supply chain, pricing analysis, consumer behaviour and sales channel breakdown. Market shares and profiles are given of the leading brands, retailers and distributors.

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