#8041-15 Technical Insights: Green Surfactants and Emulsifiers

Nov 2015, 65 pages
EUR 999,  

Green Materials Gaining Popularity.   
Green surfactants and emulsifiers are making headway in personal care formulations. The move towards green materials is driven by consumer demand for sustainable products, as well as industry pressure to adopt renewable feedstock. This report critically reviews the range of green surfactants and emulsifiers available for cosmetic and personal care formulations.

The perceived issues of conventional surfactants & emulsifiers and their production are discussed. Details are given of the synthetic chemicals that are typically avoided in green formulations, including those prohibited by the main natural and organic certification agencies. Details are given of the materials allowed by the leading green standards worldwide.

A comprehensive review is undertaken of the green surfactants and emulsifiers available to product developers and formulators. Guidance is given on the use of these green materials in personal care formulations. Case studies are given of popular green surfactant and emulsifier blends, as well as finished products that use these materials. Leading suppliers in the industry are also profiled.

Important developments in bio-surfactant production are explored, especially the production of novel materials. Future projections are given: what can we expect to see in the exciting area of green surfactants and emulsifiers?

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