#7001-60 The Global Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products

December 2011, 103 pages
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What Outlook for Global Natural & Organic Personal Care?
Natural & organic personal care product sales are slowing because of the economic slowdown. Although consumer demand remains high, weakening economic conditions are dampening market growth rates.

Consumers are turning to natural personal care products because of health concerns about synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates and aluminum salts. Although awareness of such chemicals is rising, there remains much confusion about what constitutes a natural product. The proliferation in symbols and logos could also add to the consumer confusion, especially in regions with multiple certification schemes.

Although most sales are concentrated in Europe and North America, the highest growth rates are occurring in other regions. Healthy growth rates have attracted new entrants into the market. Large cosmetic brands are increasing market share by either the acquisition route or launching natural / organic lines. Many newcomers, including Henkel, Garnier and Amore Pacific, have developed certified lines of popular products. New brands designed for mainstream retailers are also developing a strong presence.

The report has been prepared by continuously researching the natural & organic products industry for over 10 years. Expert analysis and insights are given to make key business decisions and marketing plans. Future growth projections are given until 2017, as well as market information that includes market drivers, restraints, competitive developments and retailing trends.

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