#1301-80 The French Market for Organic & Fair Trade Textiles

April 2011, 70 pages
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Growing Popularity of Ethical Textiles.   
The French market for organic & fair trade textiles is one of the fastest growing in Europe.

Growing consumer awareness of the environmental and social impacts of textile production is stimulating consumer demand, with retailers responding by introducing organic and fair trade lines. Private labels is a major driver; most French retail groups have introduced ethical garments and / or home textiles under their brand names.

Although healthy market growth is occurring, the study finds adoption rates remain low. Organic and fair trade products have very low market share of total garment and home textile sales. Low consumer awareness and limited availability are the major barriers to higher adoption rates. High prices are also a deterrent to some consumers, especially during the economic slowdown.

This first-ever report on the French ethical textiles market report gives detailed market & competitive analysis, covering the following product categories:
Organic garments
Organic home textiles
Fair trade garments
Fair trade home textiles

Revenue forecasts are given for the leading product categories. Market information includes market size, growth projections, pricing & distribution analysis and sales channel breakdown. Market shares and profiles are given of the leading brands and retailers. Recommendations are given to companies looking at growth opportunities in this fast-growing market.

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