#1232-60 Consumer Insights: Natural & Organic Personal Care Products in the UK

November 2014, 53 pages,
EUR 749,  

What do Consumers Really Think about Natural & Organic PC Products?    
Although the market for natural & organic personal care products has expanded considerably in recent years, little is known is about consumer behaviour. Indeed, there appears to be much confusion about the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in the personal care industry. Consumers are buying these products, but little is known on the reasons why and their triggers. This study gives a detailed account on buyer behaviour, giving insights into consumer attitudes, motives and preferences.

The study gives answers to the following questions…
  – What are the reasons for consumers to purchase natural & organic personal care products?
– What influence do ecological, health and ethical factors have on consumers?
– What natural & organic personal care products do they actually buy?
– Where do they shop for such products?
– What are the triggers for consumers to turn to natural & organic products?
– How aware are consumers of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals?
– What synthetic ingredients do consumers look to avoid?
– What does the ‘organic’ term mean to typical buyers?
– How important is certification (symbols and logos) to buyers?
– How much more are consumers are willing to pay for certified products?
– What standards do consumers associate with certified natural & organic products?
– What are the brand perceptions in the major product categories: facial care, body care, hair care, cosmetics, etc.?
– What natural & organic personal care brands do they often buy?
– Where do consumers get information about natural & organic products?
– How much has buyer behaviour changed since 2007?
– What is the profile of the typical buyer? What are their socio-demographics?

This Consumer Insights report has been produced by undertaking personal interviews with buyers of natural & organic personal care products in the UK. Comparisons are made with the initial study in 2007, enabling changes in consumer behaviour to be monitored. Marketing recommendations are given to brand owners, retailers, as well as new entrants.

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