#7003-60 The Global Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products

July 2022, 80 pages,  EUR 1099, Global Market Recovering from Pandemic The global market for natural & organic personal care products is recovering from the pandemic, with sales reaching USD 12.5 billion last year.  Slower growth is occurring in 2022 because of geopolitical conflict causing a rise in raw material prices, inflation and economic uncertainty. […]

Natural Ingredients: Ethical Sourcing in Cosmetics Industry

Ethical sourcing is becoming the norm for natural ingredients in the cosmetics industry. The growing use of natural ingredients is making cosmetic companies and raw material suppliers invest in ethical sourcing programmes. Ecovia Intelligence research shows adoption rates of sustainability schemes are increasing. A wide range of natural ingredients are now used in cosmetic & […]

Upcycled Foods to Take Off

Upcycled products are expected to take off in the food industry in 2022. Ecovia Intelligence predicts consumer demand to surge as awareness rises, products become more visible, and investment pours into the industry. Consumer demand for upcycled foods is projected to surge this year. Consumers are attracted to upcycled foods as they become more aware […]

#1205-60 The UK Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products

January 2022, 60 pages, EUR 749,   Competitive Stakes Rising . The UK market for natural & organic personal care products is becoming increasingly competitive. Market growth rates have slowed during the pandemic, whilst new entrants continue to come into the market. This new report shows consumer demand remains buoyant. Consumers are actively looking for […]

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Clean Beauty & Veganism Potential

31 May 2023London, UK Masterclass Overview Demand for clean beauty and natural products continues to strengthen. Consumers are seeking plant-based cosmetics as they become more concerned about health, ethical & environmental issues.  This masterclass discusses the opportunities with clean, natural & vegan cosmetics. What does  clean beauty mean? How is the veganism trend translating into […]