Sustainable Food Predictions 2023

Ecovia Intelligence gives its predictions for the year ahead. The previous year (2022) marked the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as geopolitical conflict which has led to high energy costs and food inflation. Although the repercussions will continue to be felt in 2023, the outlook for sustainable foods remains positive… > Sustainability schemes […]

Regenerative Agriculture: Call For Standards

Regenerative agriculture is gaining much interest in the food industry. It is receiving attention because of its sustainability benefits, however there are concerns about the growing number of schemes and marketing. Agriculture generates about 25% of greenhouse gases, whilst conventional farming methods have caused biodiversity loss and soil erosion. Regenerative agriculture is mooted for its […]

Cosmetics Industry Going Circular

Circularity is taking off in the cosmetics industry, with many new launches involving sustainable products, ingredients, and packaging. Such developments are helping the industry make the transition to a circular economy, however there are concerns about customer behaviour. Many new product launches involve waterless cosmetics. Brands are launching shampoo bars, solid moisturisers, sheet masks & related products. […]

#7003-60 The Global Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products

July 2022, 80 pages,  EUR 1099, Global Market Recovering from Pandemic The global market for natural & organic personal care products is recovering from the pandemic, with sales reaching USD 12.5 billion last year.  Slower growth is occurring in 2022 because of geopolitical conflict causing a rise in raw material prices, inflation and economic uncertainty. […]

Natural Ingredients: Ethical Sourcing in Cosmetics Industry

Ethical sourcing is becoming the norm for natural ingredients in the cosmetics industry. The growing use of natural ingredients is making cosmetic companies and raw material suppliers invest in ethical sourcing programmes. Ecovia Intelligence research shows adoption rates of sustainability schemes are increasing. A wide range of natural ingredients are now used in cosmetic & […]