Cosmetics Industry: Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability Schemes Seeing Uptick

In the cosmetics industry, biodiversity is becoming more important. Its growing prominence is leading to greater investment in ethical sourcing programmes and a spike in interest in sustainability schemes. Biodiversity is mainly linked to the sourcing of raw materials. Cosmetic and ingredient firms are under growing pressure to ensure that agricultural-based and / or wild […]

Future of Environmental Labelling in Food Industry

There is growing debate about the future of environmental labelling in the food industry. The first debate concerns number of eco-labelling schemes; the EU plans to introduce legislation to curb the number of labels in the market place. The second debate concerns the disparity between environmental impact ratings of existing schemes. Ecovia Intelligence believes the […]

Food Industry: Biodiversity Rising on Sustainability Agenda

Biodiversity is rising on the sustainability agenda. More food companies are expected to add biodiversity and nature-positive production into their sustainability plans, whilst new eco-labels are likely to be introduced. At the recent UN Biodiversity conference (COP15) in Montreal, 196 countries signed a historic deal to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, including the protection of […]

Cosmetic Innovations for Sustainability

Sustainability is encouraging innovation in the cosmetics industry. Many new products are being launched to meet consumer demand for green products. Waterless cosmetics has taken off because of this trend. Brands are launching shampoo bars, solid moisturisers, cream bars, sheet masks & related products. Waterless products have a lower environmental footprint as they have less […]

Sustainable Food Predictions 2023

Ecovia Intelligence gives its predictions for the year ahead. The previous year (2022) marked the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as geopolitical conflict which has led to high energy costs and food inflation. Although the repercussions will continue to be felt in 2023, the outlook for sustainable foods remains positive… > Sustainability schemes […]