#5001-60 The Asian Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

April 2015, 140 pages

EUR 599  (country reports),

EUR 3950  (all countries),

 Healthy Growth Outlook for Asian Market.   
The Asian market for natural & organic cosmetics is showing high growth. Most country markets are reporting double-digit growth as consumers look for cosmetic and personal care products with natural and organic ingredients.

Western brands dominate the Asian competitive landscape, with few Asian companies having significant market share. Although many are developing and launching natural and organic product lines, few have made inroads. Certification is also becoming important as retailers and distributors look for third party verification of natural and organic claims.

Distribution of natural and organic cosmetics is increasing across Asia. Many brands are opening concept stores for their products, especially new entrants looking to differentiate their products. Organic Monitor expects more Asian brands to take the ‘direct route’ because of the advantages given by concept stores.

This report gives a detailed analysis of the Asian natural & organic cosmetics market. Contents include:
Market size of country markets
Market size of leading product categories
Historic and projected market growth rates
Revenue forecasts
Market drivers & restraints
Standards & regulations
Country reports
Sales channels
Competitive analysis
Consumer behaviour

Country coverage: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.)

Profiles are given of the leading natural & organic cosmetic brands, importers, distributors and retailers in the Asian region. The report highlights the business opportunities to new entrants, existing brands and exporters.

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