#5002-40 The Asian Market For Organic Food & Drink

February 2011, 56 pages
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Food Scandals Driving Organic Food Sales.   
Production and consumption of organic products is rising rapidly in Asia. Countries like China and India are becoming global producers of organic crops, whilst other countries are becoming large consumers. However, the disparity between production and demand is leading to a two-tier organic food industry.

Consumer demand for organic foods is rising partly because of the spate of food scandals, some involving Chinese products. Consumers are turning to organic foods because of fears for food safety. Large food retailers are responding by introducing organic products, some under their private labels. Distribution is also expanding in non-retail channels, such as catering & foodservice establishments.

The second edition of this Asian market for organic food & drink report gives detailed market & competitive information that includes:

Market size of country markets
Market size of leading product categories
Historic and projected market growth rates
Revenue forecasts
Market drivers & restraints
Organic standards & regulations
Country reports
Sales channels
Competitive analysis
Consumer behaviour

Profiles are given of the leading producers, retailers and importers of organic foods in the Asian region. The report highlights the business opportunities to new entrants and existing participants.

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