#8041-11 Technical Insights: Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards, A Critical Assessment

November 2009, 60 pages,
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Unravelling Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards.
Natural & organic cosmetic standards have become en vogue, however the number of standards is proliferating. Cosmetic manufacturers, formulators and ingredient companies are questioning the differences between these various standards, and the technical implications of adoption.

This Technical Insights report is designed to guide companies through the maze of natural & organic cosmetic standards, focusing on the technical, formulation and ingredient issues involved.

A critical assessment is undertaken of the major standards in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and other regions. Standards covered include Ecocert, CosmeBio, Soil Association, BDIH, ICEA, OASIS, NSF, NPA as well as new regional and international initiatives such as Cosmos and NaTrue. Details are given of the new Cosmos standard and its practical implications.

The formulation issues involved in adopting natural & organic cosmetic standards are examined, with details given of the permissible / prohibited ingredients, chemical processes and raw material issues. Comparisons are made between the leading natural cosmetic standards and organic cosmetic standards in each region and worldwide. Details are given of allowable preservative systems and universally prohibited ingredients.

The Technical Insights report is a practical guide for companies looking to adopt natural & organic cosmetic standards. It enables decisions to be made on the most appropriate standards, based on technical comparisons. It can be used to overcome the pitfalls and challenges of developing certified natural & organic ingredients / products. Profiles are given of companies that supply certified ingredients as well as formulators and contract manufacturers of certified finished products.

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