#8041-10 Technical Insights: Natural & Organic Cosmetic Ingredients, Formulation Challenges & Solutions

November 2008, 60 pages
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Overcome Hurdles in Formulating Natural & Organic Cosmetics.   
With high consumer interest in natural & organic cosmetics, formulators and cosmetic companies are looking at developing chemically-clean cosmetics. However, the road leading to pure natural & organic cosmetics is fraught with technical hurdles.

This Technical Insights report examines the technical issues companies face when developing pure natural & organic cosmetics, focusing on formulation and ingredient issues. Practical solutions are offered to the major challenges cosmetic and ingredient companies face when developing these products.

The first part of the report focuses on the major synthetic chemicals typically absent in natural & organic cosmetics. A review is undertaken of such chemicals in each ingredient category (preservatives, emollients, surfactants, etc.), highlighting their practical use and potential health risks.

Details are given of the natural & organic alternatives to these synthetic chemicals in cosmetic products. A critical review is undertaken of the formulation issues: performance, stability, safety, costs, supply, etc. Profiles are given of the suppliers of these natural & organic cosmetic ingredients, giving specific product details.

This Technical Insights report is ideal for companies looking to develop pure natural & organic cosmetic products / ingredients. It helps companies replace synthetic chemicals with natural & organic alternatives, giving practical solutions to major problem areas.

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