#7091-60 Strategic Insights: CSR & Sustainability In The Beauty Industry

May 2010, 70 pages
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Practical Guide to CSR & Sustainability Initiatives,   
Green has become the new black in the beauty industry. It is not just important for cosmetic & ingredient companies to deliver sterling financial results, they must also be accountable for their social & environmental impacts.

This new strategic insights report looks at the growing importance of CSR & sustainability in the beauty industry. With the industry historically receiving heavy criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices, cosmetic manufacturers and ingredient firms are increasingly focusing on CSR & sustainability to become ‘good corporate citizens’. Some are falling over themselves to demonstrate their achievements.

With the use of case studies, this report looks at the various initiatives undertaken by beauty companies to reduce their social and environmental footprints. Most investment is going into greener formulations and packaging. Cosmetic companies are using natural, organic and / or fair trade ingredients to develop green formulations. Because of its high ecological footprint, companies are looking at innovative ways to reduce packaging: novel designs, upcycling, biopolymers, etc. Social initiatives, such as fair trade and corporate philanthropy are also being explored.

Details are given of various third party standards, indexes and labels for CSR & sustainability, as well as communication methods. Profiles are given of companies at the cutting edge of CSR & sustainability initiatives. Although natural & organic product companies are typically pioneers, larger conventional firms are stealing the limelight by more aggressive communication of their CSR activities.

This report is designed for beauty companies looking to invest in CSR & sustainability. By providing case studies and highlighting best-practices, it is a practical guide for cosmetic companies and ingredient firms.

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