#5202-50 The South-East Asian Market for Soya Milk & Non-Dairy Drinks

October 2007, 182 pages

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USD 799 (country reports),  

Increased Market Segmentation Reinvigorating Product Sales.   
Soya milk and non-dairy drink are surging as manufacturers launch new products for specific customer segments. Initially soya milk was mainly bought as a soft drink in Asian countries, however product innovations are making it popular as a functional beverage and dairy alternative.

New product launches are a major driver of market growth. Manufacturers are launching fortified soya milks to meet consumer demand for health beverages, pasteurised soya milk as dairy alternatives, as well as novel flavours of soya bean drinks. Organic varieties are also becoming important in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Thailand has the largest market in the region, however Singaporeans are the leading consumers of soya milk and non-dairy drinks. The Singaporean market is one of the most sophisticated in the world; fresh soya milk compete directly with dairy milk on retailer shelves, whilst supermarkets have broadened their product ranges to include rice drinks and oat drinks.

This updated report analyses the South-East Asian market, one of the leading markets for soya milk in the world. Market & competitive information is given on soya milk & soya drinks, rice drinks, oat drinks and mixed cereal drinks. Market & competitive information includes market size (volume & revenues), market growth forecasts, market drivers & restraints, pricing trends, sales channels and market shares of the leading producers and retailers. Strategic recommendations are given to existing producers and new entrants.

Country coverage: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia the Philippines

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