#4101-60 The Australian Market for Natural & Organic PC Products

Jan 2010, 55 pages
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Distribution of Natural Personal Care Products Widens.   
Widening availability and new product launches are fuelling growth in the Australian market for natural & organic personal care products. Many new products are being launched for specific applications and / or sales channels, with most activity occurring in mainstream channels.

Skin care products are the most successful natural personal care products, partly because of the success of Jurlique. The company is highly established in Australian retailers and has developed an international presence. However, its market share in its home market is under threat by new entrants.

Natural & organic personal care standards are becoming increasingly important. The incorporation of organic beauty products in the national standard is expected to raise the profile of certified products. Market winners are likely to be companies who can develop effective certified products at competitive prices.

This first-ever report on the Australian market for natural & organic personal care products provides market & competitive information for the following product categories:
Natural & organic skin care products
Natural & organic oral care products
Natural & organic hair care products
Natural & organic cosmetics
Other natural & organic personal care products

Detailed analysis includes market size, growth projections, market drivers & restraints, supply chain, pricing analysis, consumer behaviour and sales channel breakdown. Market shares and profiles are given of the leading brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

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