#1702-60 The Benelux Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Sep 2009, 30 pages,
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European Brands Capitalising on Growth Opportunities.   
Sales of natural & organic cosmetics are growing at a healthy pace in the Benelux region. Market growth is being driven by growing consumer demand for ‘chemically-clean’ cosmetics. Natural & organic products are gaining popularity as consumers become aware of the possible dangers of synthetic chemicals such as parabens and phthalates in cosmetics & toiletries.

This new report shows that foreign brands are capitalising on growth openings in the Benelux market. Few companies in the region produce natural & organic cosmetics, leading major European brands to take up high market share.

Profiles of the leading brands as well as importers / suppliers and retailers are given in the report. Market & competitive information is given for the following product categories:
Natural & organic skin care products
Natural & organic oral care products
Natural & organic hair care products
Natural & organic cosmetics
Other natural & organic personal care products

Market information includes market size, revenue forecasts, market trends, pricing & distribution analysis and sales channel breakdown. Future growth projections are given of this emerging market.

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