#1401-60 The Nordic Market for Natural & Organic PC Products

July 2010, 116 pages
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Imported Brands Flourishing in Nordic Region.    
Natural & organic personal care products are coming into the Nordic region from a number of continents to meet high consumer demand for ‘chemically-clean’ cosmetics & toiletries. Imported brands are flourishing because of high market growth rates and the absence of Nordic brands.

Nordic companies are showing low interest in natural & organic products because they are focusing on the Nordic Swan eco-label, present on a large number of cosmetics & toiletries. Thus, the market share of natural & organic products of total personal care products is well below the European average.

Increasing distribution and new product launches are the twin engines of market growth. Natural personal care products are entering mainstream channels, with some retailers developing private label products. Increasing market segmentation is leading new brands to target specific channels and consumer groups.

Healthy growth is expected to continue as consumer demand for natural & organic products strengthens. Nordic consumers are becoming more discerning when purchasing personal care products because of concerns about synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates and aluminium salts.

This detailed report on the Nordic market for natural & organic personal care products gives market & competitive information. Product categories covered in the report include:
Natural skin care products
Natural hair care products
Natural oral care products
Natural colour cosmetics
Other natural personal care products

Country coverage: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland

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