#1401-51 The Nordic Market for Dairy Alternatives

February 2007, 89 pages
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Dairy Alternatives Gaining Popularity
Non-dairy product sales are increasing by 20% a year in a region renowned for its milk drinking culture. Dairy alternatives are gaining favour as consumers turn to healthy alternatives to dairy products.

Growing consumer awareness about health issues and new product launches are driving market growth. Nordic consumers are turning to dairy alternatives because of rising incidence of food allergies and concerns about obesity, cholesterol, and heart disease. Manufacturers are responding by launching new products that are marketed on their health benefits.

The highest growth has been observed in the Swedish and Finnish markets, which now comprise over two-thirds of regional revenues. The Swedish market is considered the epicentre of the Nordic dairy alternatives market, with production and demand concentrated here. Indeed, leading Swedish producers like Ceba Foods have built upon their success in the home market by expanding internationally.

The high incidence of lactose intolerance, at about 15%, is a factor behind high demand in the Finnish market. Consumers are also buying dairy alternatives because of positive health benefits with products increasingly positioned as functional foods. The Nordic region remains a hotbed of product innovations with manufacturers launching new products with functional ingredients. A growing number of such products are getting endorsements from health organisations.

This report gives a detailed analysis of the dairy alternatives market, which is segmented  by product type: drinks, yoghurts, desserts and ice-cream. Market & competitive information includes market sizes, revenue forecasts (2007-2013), market drivers & restraints, supply chain, pricing analysis, and profiles of leading manufacturers, distributors & retailers. Business recommendations are given to existing suppliers and new entrants.

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