#1302-60 The French Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

August 2009, 100 pages,
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Distribution Increasing Across Channels.   
The French market for natural & organic cosmetics is the fastest growing in Europe, with sales increasing by over 20 percent.

High growth is occurring as distribution increases across channels. Natural & organic cosmetics are making inroads in pharmacies & para-pharmacies, perfumeries, department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, spas and salons. In spite of expanding distribution, specialist retailers still comprise the bulk of product sales.

Retailer private labels are changing the landscape of the French market. Consumers are becoming attracted to the low prices of certified natural & organic cosmetic products in mass market retailers. A large take-up rate of the Cosmos standards is expected in France because of the popularity of the Ecocert standard with ingredient companies and cosmetic manufacturers.

This French natural & organic cosmetics market report gives detailed market & competitive information for the following product categories:
Natural & organic skin care products
Natural & organic oral care products
Natural & organic hair care products
Natural & organic cosmetics
Other natural & organic personal care products

Market information includes market size, growth projections, pricing & distribution analysis and sales channel breakdown. Market shares and profiles are given of the leading brands and retailers. Recommendations are given to companies looking at growth opportunities in this fast-growing market.

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